Great White Egret   Ardea alba

Linford - 3rd-25th (at least) September 2011


Photos copyright Jason Chalk

This bird was found by Alan Nelson who quickly put the news out and allowed many other birders to see this county rarity.  The bird was initially present over two days but did prove to be somewhat elusive.  It was then seen at the site several more times, as well as being seen at Newport Pagnall (from M1 motorway) and Gayhurst Quarry (on 25th September). To see a video clip of this bird taken by Malcolm Stewart click here.

There have only been four prior records of this species in the county, two of these being from Linford. 

On 1st October a Great White Egret was seen at Wilstone Reservoir (Herts); 20+ miles south of the original sighting.  This may relate to the same individual.

Linford - 26th February 1994 

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This bird was found at Linford on 22nd Feb 1994 and stayed until 2nd March.  It is the only record for the county.  It's prolonged stay enabled many local birders to get an excellent county tick.  This individual was reported to have been in Norfolk from 22nd Dec 1993 until 13th Feb 1994; Cambridgeshire on 17th Feb 1994  and Northamptonshire 18th-20th Feb 1994.

Video still kindly supplied by Dave Ferguson

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