Red-necked Grebe   Podiceps grisegena

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Calvert - 5th November 2009

Photo copyright Ken Ernshaw

Found on the sailing lake at Calvert on 4th Nov by Tim Watts.  However the following day the bird had moved to the BBOWT lake where these photos were taken.  This species has become more scarce in recent years so another excellent find at Calvert.

Haversham Lake, Milton Keynes - March 2006

RNG2-450.jpg (41480 bytes)

RNG1-450.jpg (30488 bytes)
Photo copyright Ashley Boelens

This individual was first seen on New Bradwell Pit on 26th February but moved to Haversham when the former water was frozen.  It remained at Haversham until 11th March at least and is presumably the same bird that was subsequently seen at Willen Lake (from 14th). To view a chart of the occurrence of this species in the county click here.

Calvert - 19th March 2005

rngrebe-400.jpg (37163 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim Watts

This individual was found late in the day.  It was not seen subsequently.

Willen Lake - 9th Feb 2001

RNGrebe-willen4.jpg (19083 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This bird was present at Willen from 4th Feb until the time of writing (26th April) at least.   Another example of a long stayer.


Thorney Country Park - March 23rd 1999

rngrebe.jpeg (14992 bytes)
Video still copyright Dave Ferguson.

This bird was present at Thorney from 7th January until 8th April 1999.   One or two birds winter most years and some are long stayers.

Caldecotte Lake - March 1995

R-N-Grebe2.jpg (37566 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This individual was present from November 1994 until 19th April 1995 when it was in splendid summer plumage. 


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