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Some birds are not uncommon in other parts of the country or around our coasts, but may be in Buckinghamshire.  If you want to see just how scarce a particular species is then take a look at the Bucks List.

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Aylesbury Peregrines

18th June – “1Y” decided to fly overnight and ended up in the Bus Station!  She ended up at St Tiggywinkles Wilflife Hospital where she was given a clean bill of health, so was returned to the platform by Mike and Ted Wallen.  This close up was taken during this process.  After putting her talons straight through the thickest pair of gardening gloves that Mike had, she was released and jumped onto the roof of the box and started calling.  Within 10 seconds the female appeared off the east side of the building carrying prey ( no doubt a stashed pigeon ). and came straight in and landed on the platform and gave food to the chick.  An incredibly quick response!

AS of 19th June “1Y” was still on the platform.


17th June – Peregrine “2Y” on the windowsill of the council building.


14th June – An adult bringing in a large prey item.


13th June – Wing flagging practice.


22nd May – Supper being delivered.

2016-05-22 Peregrines

16th May – Growing chicks



7th May – Still waiting for the forth egg to hatch.  Not looking good.

Ayl Peregrines ocam 7.5.16 12.15

Meanwhile the adults continue to bring in food (possibly a Pigeon)

6th May – The adults were busy feeding the chicks but one apparently chick died and was seen to be carried off by one of the adults.  An anxious wait to see if the fourth egg will hatch.

2016-05-06-Peregrines (3)

Adult feeding the three chicks late morning.


Three chicks huddled around the remaining egg.

5th May – Second and Third Chicks hatched.  One more to go!

4th May – First chick hatched.

19th April – A male Peregrine that came into the territory of or resident birds was attacked by the resident male.  Both males ended up tangled in netting that was put up to deter Pigeons.  They were untangled but required checking over as one of the birds was injured.  The uninjured bird was later released while the injured bird was taken into care at St Tiggywinkle’s Wildlife Hospital.  It will be released at a later date.  Fortunately the resident male was uninjured and is back performing it’s parental duties and waiting for the eggs to hatch.

1st April –  4th egg laid!!!!


The Peregrines panoramic view of Aylesbury. (click on image to enlarge)



1st April – 4 eggs




The cameras on the Aylesbury Peregrine platform are live again in time for the 2016 breeding season.  Peregrines have been seen around the council offices, where the platform is situated, so it hoped that the Peregrines will breed again this year.

The links below will take you directly to the Peregrine website and the cameras.  The cameras are again partly funded by the Buckinghamshire Bird Club.

Aylesbury Peregrine Project website

Platform Camera

Overhead Camera