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Red : Sightings Records
Pink : Rare Breeding Records
Purple : "Probables"

Green : Probable escapees
Navy Blue : Records yet to be Considered by the Bucks Records Committee
Further details on any sighting may be available in the Buckinghamshire Bird Club Annual Reports.


Wood Lark

Lullula arborea

Very local breeding summer visitor and rare migrant. 
Pre 1961
Woodlarks bred rather sparsely in the middle and south of the county.  During the pre-1961 period the largest flock was :-
1949 Saunderton - 15-20 birds on 20th Nov.
1961 Longdown Hill, Cadsden - 3 on 16th Sep was the last record in this period.
Post 1961
1971 Bow Brickhill Woods - Pair feeding young on 18th July.
1973 Iver GP - 1 on 14th Feb.
1988 Burnham - 1 from 23rd Feb to 8th Mar.
1990 Taplow - 1 on 30th Mar.
1990 Calvert - 1 flushed from waste ground on 21st Oct.
1993 S Bucks - A bird on 2 dates in the breeding season.
1994 S Bucks - A pair raised 2 broods.   See Photo
1994 Drayton Parslow - 1 4th & 6th Oct.
1995 Present in suitable breeding habitat during spring and summer.  Breeding not proven.
1996 Bred at a site in the S of the county and at least one bird present at a site in the N of the county in July.
1997 Bred at a site in the S of the county, present at two other sites in the north and south of the county during the early part of the year.
1998 Bred at two sites in the south of the county. 
1998 Steps Hill - 1 over on 23rd Sep.
1998 Little Marlow GP - 1 over calling on 1st Nov.
1999 Birds recorded at four potential breeding sites.
1999 Coombe Hill/Dancers End - A singing bird 23rd Feb.
1999 Pitstone Quarry - 1 on 31st Aug, 4th & 18th Sep.
2000 Bred at sites in the N and S of the county.
2001 Several records from one site in the S of the county.
2002 Stoke Common - Several birds present from Mar to July. No proof of breeding.
2003 Stoke Common - Up to 3 birds present 1st Mar to 7th June.  No proof of breeding.
2004 Stoke Common - A male singing on 31st Mar and 19th April were the only records.
2005 Back Wood, MK - 1 over on 23rd Mar. The only record.
2007 Black Park - 1 on 1st July.



Alauda arvensis

Common resident, migrant and winter visitor.


Sand Martin

Riparia riparia

Very local breeding summer visitor.



Hirundo rustica

Common breeding summer visitor.


Red-rumped Swallow

Hirundo daurica

Very rare vagrant. 1 record.
2002 - Furzton Lake - 1 stayed for about an hour on 29th Apr.


House Martin

Delichon urbica

Common breeding summer visitor.


Richard's Pipit

Anthus novaeseelandiae

Very rare vagrant. 3 records.
1967 Dorney Common - 1 from 7th-24th Oct.
1990 Blue Lagoon, Bletchley - A 1st winter bird from 28th-30th Oct.
1998 Ivinghoe Beacon - 1 on 8th May.


Tree Pipit

Anthus trivialis

Uncommon breeding summer visitor.


Meadow Pipit

Anthus pratensis

Scarce resident, uncommon migrant and winter visitor.


Water Pipit

Anthus spinoletta

Scarce migrant.   See Chart


Rock Pipit

Anthus petrosus

Scarce migrant.   See Chart


Yellow Wagtail

Motacilla flava

Fairly common breeding summer visitor.  For a chart of the occurrence of "Blue-headed Wagtail" See Chart


Grey Wagtail

Motacilla cinerea

Scarce resident and winter visitor.


Pied Wagtail

Motacilla alba yarrelli

Common resident.  The nominate race White Wagtail Motacilla alba alba is an uncommon passage migrant.



Bombycilla garrulus

Scarce winter visitor.    See Chart



Cinclus cinclus

Rare migrant.  14 records.  Some individuals were confirmed as being of the continental race C.c.cinclus and is indicated as such in the text.  Others not specifically identified.
1894 near High Wycombe - 1
1941 Chenies - 1 on the R Chess from 4th-11th May.
1966 The Lee
- 1 on 14th Aug.
1967:  Shardeloes - 14th Jan to 18th Feb and 5th Nov to 6th Mar 1968 (C.c. cinclus )
1967 West Wycombe Park: 26/11  
1968 Shardeloes: 31/10 (C.c. cinclus )
1968 Latimer: 26/12  (C.c. cinclus )  
1971:  Wendover Canal, 28/2
1972:  Wendover Canal, 4/5 - 20/5  (C.c. cinclus )
1975:  Iver 13/8
1984 Wycombe Rye - 1 on 28th Sep and 14th Nov. Race unknown.
1989 Bourne End - 1 flying down stream along the Thames on 30th Sep.
1991 Stapleford Mill, Three Locks - from 6th-13th Mar. (C.c. cinclus).  
See Photo
1994 Marlow - 1 of race C.c. cinclus along the Thames on 3rd Mar.



Troglodytes troglodytes

Very common resident.



Prunella modularis

Very common resident.



Erithacus rubecula

Very common resident.



Luscinia megarhynchos

Scarce breeding summer visitor.



Luscinia svecica

Very rare vagrant. 2 records.
1969 Aston Clinton SF - 1 on 31st Aug.
1983 Great Linford GPs - A female on 21st May.


Black Redstart

Phoenicurus ochruros

Rare resident, migrant and winter visitor.  Only breeding records are listed.  For a chart of all records click here.
1965 Booker, High Wycombe - Pair with juveniles up to 22nd Sep.
1973 Newton Longville Brick Pits - nest with 2 eggs later deserted.
1975 Bradwell - 4 young fledged on 25th Jun.
1978 Pitstone - Female with 2 recently fledged young on 18th Jun.
1982 mid Bucks - Bred.
1983 Bletchley - Industrial site. Breeding unsuccessful.

1997 near High Wycombe - Bred in large barn/stables.


Common Redstart

Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Rare former breeding summer visitor and passage migrant.



Saxicola rubetra

Migrant. Former breeding summer visitor.



Saxicola torquata

Migrant and winter visitor. Has bred recently.



Oenanthe oenanthe

Migrant. Former breeding summer visitor.


Black-eared Wheatear

Oenanthe hispanica

Very rare vagrant. 1 record.
1992 Chearsley - A male of the pale throated type on 25th April was probably of the eastern race O.h.melanoleuca.  See Photo


Ring Ouzel

Turdus torquatus

Scarce passage migrant.   See Chart



Turdus merula

Very common resident and winter visitor.



Turdus pilaris

Common winter visitor.


Song Thrush

Turdus philomelos

Common resident and winter visitor.



Turdus iliacus

Common winter visitor.


Mistle Thrush

Turdus viscivorus

Common resident.


Cetti's Warbler

Cettia cetti

Rare but increasing vagrant. Now some birds resident.
1967 Weston Turville Reservoir - An adult trapped on 22nd July, was retrapped there on 29th Jul and 9th Sep. The third British record.
1977 Linford GPs - 1 on 24th Jul.
1985 Weston Turville Reservoir - A male from 2nd Nov until 9th Jan 1986 (trapped).
1990 River Colne near Tilehouse GP - Singing male on 28th Apr.
1992 Linford - 1 from 8th Nov until 1st Jan 1993.
1995 Shardeloes - 1 from 2nd Oct to 6th Nov.
1995 Weston Turville Res - 1 sang briefly on 11th Nov.
1996 Marsworth - 1 heard on 3rd Jan in Bucks section.
1996 Weston Turville - 1 heard on 10th Jan.
1998 Stony Stratford NR - 1 seen and heard on 12th Feb.
1998 Linford - 1 seen and heard on 9th Nov.
1999 Linford - 1 on 16th & 23rd Feb.
2001 Little Marlow GP - 1 seen on 1st Sep.
2002 Caldecotte - 1m holding territory from 3rd Mar to 13th June. Possibly bred.
2003 Willen Lake - 1-2 birds present for much of the year.
2004 Willen Lake - 1 from 2003 stayed until end May.  2 birds suspected in May and nesting material was seen to be gathered.  Also seen in Oct and Dec.
2004 Caldecotte - 1 singing 24th Mar to 16th Apr Photo.  1 singing 17th Sep.  .
2004 Tongwell - 1 singing 3rd, 7th and 8th Dec.
2005 Willen Lake - 1 seen and heard between 17th Feb and 17th May
2005 Loughton Lodge Lakes - 1 singing on 13th Apr
2005 Stowe Gardens - 1 on 3rd Oct
2006 Recorded at 5 sites, mainly in the Spring period.


Grasshopper Warbler

Locustella naevia

Scarce breeding summer visitor.

Moustacted Warbler

Acrocephalus melanopogon

Very rare vagrant. 1 record.
1965 Weston Turville Reservoir - 1 trapped on 31st July was regarded as the forth British record.  Subsequently record acceptance withdrawn in 2007 following a BOU review.


Aquatic Warbler

Acrocephalus paludicola

Very rare vagrant. 2 records.
1990 Blue Lagoon, Bletchley - 1 on 2nd Aug and probably also on 3rd Aug.
1990 Botolph Claydon - 1 on 26th Aug.


Sedge Warbler

Acrocephalus schoenobaenus

Fairly common breeding summer visitor.


Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus scirpaceus

Local breeding summer visitor.


Marsh Warbler

Acrocephalus palustris

Very rare vagrant. 4 records including one of breeding.
1931 Chalfont Park - Bred
1956 Shardeloes - 1 on 18th May
1960 Near Wendover - 1 singing on 26th June.
1974 Weston Turville Reservoir - 1 on 26th May


River Warbler

Locustella fluviatilis

Very rare vagrant. 1 record.
1997 Linford - A singing male present 15th-16th Jun.


Great Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus arundinaceus

Very rare vagrant. 2 records.
1946 Marsworth Reservoir - 1 singing along the northern edge.
2008 Willen Lake - 1 singing on 11th May.  Photo


Icterine Warbler

Hippolais icterina

Very rare vagrant. 2 records.
1997 Aylesbury STW - A singing male on 14th Jun.
2008 Longwick - 1 14th June


Dartford Warbler

Sylvia undata

Recent breeding bird, formerly a very rare vagrant.
1993 near Dorney Common - A female wintering in the Slough STW (Berks) just stayed into Bucks on 1st Jan.
1998 Steps Hill - 1 from 25th Nov to 9th Jan 1999.
1999 S Bucks - 1 from 14th-26th Jan, 1 on 28th Apr.  2 from Oct 28th to 7th Dec.   1 male on 21st Mar at another site.
2000 S of County - Present all year with up to 7 singing birds at one site.    Single birds also recorded at a second site.
2001 Reported from two sites in the south of the county.
2002 Stoke Common - A male seen between 24th Mar and 29th June. 2002 Black Park - 1 in late Aug and on 7th Sep.
2003 Stoke Common - 2 pairs bred.
2004 Black Park - Present Jan to Sep.  Bred.  2 seen in Oct.
2004 Stoke Common - 1 on 11th Mar.
2005 Sarratt Bottom - A wintering bird on 23rd-28th Jan
2005 Black Park - Several records between 10th Apr to year end
2005 Stoke Common - 1 head on 22nd Oct and 26th Dec
2006 Black Park - 1-2 birds 8th Jan to 12th Jul.  Also 29th Oct.  Signs of breeding activity.
2006 Stoke Common - 1 11th Jan.
2006 Sarratt Bottom - 1 23rd Jan.
2008 Turville Court - A juv in setaside on 10th Oct.


Lesser Whitethroat

Sylvia curruca

Common breeding summer visitor.


Common Whitethroat

Sylvia communis

Common breeding summer visitor.


Garden Warbler

Sylvia borin

Common breeding summer visitor.



Sylvia atricapilla

Common breeding summer visitor and scarce winter visitor.


Yellow-browed Warbler

Phylloscopus inornatus

Very rare vagrant. 5 records.
1966 Holmer Green - 1 on 9th Oct.
1992 Marlow GP - 1 on 11th Oct.
2003 Water Eaton, M Keynes - 1 in a garden 19th-21st Oct.
2004 Woburn GC - 1 from 4th-14th Apr.
2006 Dinton - 1 on 21st Oct.


Wood Warbler

Phylloscopus sibilatrix

Rare summer migrant and former breeding bird.
2005 Gayhurst Quarry - 1 30th Apr
2005 S Bucks - 1 27th May
2008 Calvert - 1 on 20th Apr.



Phylloscopus collybita

Common breeding summer visitor and scarce winter visitor.


Willow Warbler

Phylloscopus trochilus

Very common breeding summer visitor.


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