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Seen an interesting bird?  Then let us know by submitting a record on our on-line database.  It is easy to do but if you need some instructions take a look at the Submit Sightings Page.  To view the latest sightings just click on the menu item for Latest Sightings.

Some birds are not uncommon in other parts of the country or around our coasts, but may be in Buckinghamshire.  If you want to see just how scarce a particular species is then take a look at the Bucks List.

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Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris

Foxcote Reservoir – 12th October 2009

Photos copyright Ken Earnshaw

This individual was not photographed in 2006 or 2007 (as far as I know but not too late to submit) but it was present during the following dates:

 4th to 12th April 2006 

9th December until 3rd April 2007

4th November 2007 until 10th April 2008

21st October 2008 until 30th March 2009

So the arrival date of 11th October this year is the earliest arrival date recorded yet.

Foxcote Reservoir – 16th March 2005

r.n.duck1-400.jpg (25591 bytes)

r.n.duck2-400.jpg (22889 bytes)
Photos copyright Tim Watts

This drake was present between 16th March and 4th April.  It seems very likely that this is the same individual that was present a year ago (see below). 

Foxcote Reservoir – 14th March 2004

Ring-necked Duck at Foxcote Res140304redux.JPG (15553 bytes)
Photo copyright Rob Andrews

This super drake was present between 14th Feb and 2nd April and seen most days.