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MEGA - Black-crowned Night Heron!!

On Tuesday 22nd August 2017 Northants birder come fisherman Bob Bullock, was fishing for Catfish at Claydon Lakes when at 8:30pm he saw a Black-crowned Night Heron as it flew past him and landed in an Oak tree.  He passed word on and the next evening a small group of birders including Simon Nichols, Rob Hill, Lee Evans, Tim and Coleen Watts turned up to see if the bird was still present.  Just after 8:30pm it appeared and was seen in flight and perched in a tree.  Encouraged by this on the evening of 24th about fifteen birders arrived and again the bird appeared in flight and perched for about five minutes in a tree.  The bird then flew off fairly high to the NW over Steeple Claydon, possibly to feed by the river Thame.

The bird was last seen on 29th August.

The bird is thought to be a first summer bird, having some plumes but also some streaking on the breast.  It is unringed.

A few photographs were obtained, although the light was very poor, so these are just silhouette shots. (Click on the photos to view full size).  If anyone has, or manages to obtain and better quality photos, then please contact Jim Rose.


In gathering gloom the group of birders waited patiently for the Night Heron to appear.



Several shots of the bird in flight were obtained but due to low light, they are only silhouettes.

p1320620-black-crowned-night-heron-1000 p1320640-black-crowned-night-heron-1000 p1320642-black-crowned-night-heron-1000


The bird flew off into the sunset NW over Steeple Claydon.

This is just the sixth record for the county, the previous sightings being as follows:-

1797  Cliveden – 1 immature shot

1899  Taplow – 1 in August may have been an escape

1967  Newport Pagnall GP – Immature on 3rd Aug

1987  Willen Lake – Juvenile on 26th Oct

2005  Old Wolverton – An adult on 13th May