Bird Sightings

Seen an interesting bird?  Then let us know by submitting a record on our on-line database.  It is easy to do but if you need some instructions take a look at the Submit Sightings Page.  To view the latest sightings just click on the menu item for Latest Sightings.

Some birds are not uncommon in other parts of the country or around our coasts, but may be in Buckinghamshire.  If you want to see just how scarce a particular species is then take a look at the Bucks List.

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Coronavirus - Bird Sightings

Please ensure that you follow “Social distancing” guidelines when birding in and around the county. Some reserves remain closed and will be until such time as the managers of the reserves feel that they can be visited in safety. This is a particular problem for reserves that rely on hides to see the birds.

If you are lucky enough to have found a rare bird that might attract a lot of attention then please tick the “Confidential” box when submitting the sighting. The record will then show in the database in red and only be visible to yourself and the database administrators. This will help prevent a large gathering of birders. The Confidential Box is shown below.

It is important to continue to post your sightings and these will eventually find their way into the Buckinghamshire Bird Club Monthly Bulletin and the Buckinghamshire Annual Report.