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Field Trip Welney WWT Reserve

16 Feb 2019 - 10: to 16:00

at Welney WWT, Station Road, Welney (Lat/Long 52.5269 and 0.278335)

Please note the change of date for this event.  This has been done to coincide with the “Swans Awake” and “Hares Walk” events that are being run by the WWT.  The Swans Awake event is an excellent event to attend as attendees see the Whooper & Bewick Swans fly off to their feeding grounds and gives access to the site before it opens at 10.00 am.
Important Note:  The Swans Awake event runs from 06:00 to 09:00 and costs £12 and must be booked in advance with the WWT.  A cooked breakfast costs £8.25 (which is highly recommended by Paul the trip leader), which can be booked at the time of booking the event.

Whooper Swan at Welney


Welney Birds Lookout

The Hares walk runs from 14:00 to 15:00 and is free but again must be booked in advance.  It is suggested that members who are interested, book this at the same time as booking the Swans event.

Members who do not want to attend the Swans Awake event can enter the reserve at 10.00 am when the site opens.

WE hope to see both Bewick and Whooper Swans, plus a variety of Geese and Ducks.  Hopefully also a few waders and raptors.

The leader for this field trip is Paul Wright and he has asked that anyone who is planning to come
on the field trip, whether or not you are attending the Swans Awake event, should contact him
beforehand so that he knows how many people to expect and whether he should be waiting for
anyone before entering the reserve; Paul will be attending the early morning event.
Please contact Paul by telephone (07792 795075) or by email


Contact Paul Wright -

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