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Marsh Warblers Breeding Attempt!!

A singing Marsh Warbler was found in north Bucks by Gyorgy Szimuly (Szimi) on 7th June and within a short time a female was also discovered. They were favouring suitable breeding habitat, so news of these birds was restricted in order to keep disturbance to a minimum. Fortunately a good number of local birders did manage to see the birds, providing many people with a county or life tick!

The female was extremely secretive and although the male was showing and singing to begin with it became much quieter as the month progressed.
In early July food carrying was observed and on one date there was activity suggestive of the young fledging but this could not be confirmed.

Whilst it is hoped that they successfully fledged young, this was not proven and there were no confirmed sightings after early July of either young or adults.

The pair were not easy to photograph, especially the female, although the male did show quite well at times while singing but often partially hidden in the vegetation. The following photos show the male over several days and shows the main features of the bird that allow it to be separated from Reed Warbler.

The top four photos were taken by Rob Cadd who was at the site very early morning on several occasions.
7th June – showing the lower back (Photo – Mike Wallen)
9th June – carrying food. (Photo – Nick Truby)
10th June – The male on one of his favoured singing perches.
11th June (Photo – Nick Truby)
11th June (Photo – Nick Truby)
11th June (Photo – Nick Truby)
The pair! There doesn’t seem to be too many photos of both male and female. (Photo – Dick Seekins)

The following link is to a video of the male singing and shows the very varied mimicry that this species employs:-

This species has only been recorded in the county five times previously, the most recent was of a bird that was trapped and ringed in August 2019 at Hillesden. Prior to that there were sightings in 1956, 1960 and 1974 in late Spring. There is also a breeding record from Chalfont Park in 1931.

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