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MEGA - Black-crowned Night Heron!

The village of Chearsely lies between Aylesbury and Long Crendon and close to the River Thame.  Resident John Weston noticed an unusual bird visiting his garden pond on 14th December 2018 and when it returned the following day he took the photos below.  The bird also returned on the 16th December but was not seen thereafter. During it’s stay the bird was seen to eat several Frogs.  John thought that the bird was a Bittern but was not sure, so a couple of weeks later he sent the photographs to Andy Harding, our County Recorder.  Andy soon confirmed that the bird was in fact a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron, which is a county rarity!

The following photos show the garden setting and an enlargement of the bird.

Not exactly typical Night Heron Habitat!

We should be thankful that the bird decided to feed during the day!

This is just the seventh record of this species in the county since 1797!!

  • 1797 Cliveden – 1 immature shot
  • 1899 Taplow – 1 in August may have been an escape
  • 1967 Newport Pagnall GP – Immature on 3rd Aug
  • 1987 Willen Lake – Juvenile on 26th Oct
  • 2005 Old Wolverton – An adult on 13th May
  • 2017 Claydon Lakes – Probably a near adult seen on several dates between 22nd Aug and 15th Sep.  Click here to view the post for this individual.
  • 2018 Chearsley – A juvenile present in a garden from 14th to 16th Dec.

Nationally there have been about a dozen records of Black-crowned Night Herons during 2018.