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Seen an interesting bird?  Then let us know by submitting a record on our on-line database.  It is easy to do but if you need some instructions take a look at the Submit Sightings Page.  To view the latest sightings just click on the menu item for Latest Sightings.

Some birds are not uncommon in other parts of the country or around our coasts, but may be in Buckinghamshire.  If you want to see just how scarce a particular species is then take a look at the Bucks List.

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Peregrines in Marlow

Peregrine Falcons have gradually been spreading across the country and now breed on many tall buildings and structures across the country, as well as their natural cliff habitat. For the past few years we have been fortunate to have Peregrines breeding on the Aylesbury Council Offices and the MK Stadium in Milton Keynes.

We now have two more sites which are currently home for two pairs of Peregrines, both being seen regularly on the main churches in High Wycombe and Marlow and both are called “All Saints”. Neither site seems to have any breeding activity going on this year but that might indicate that one or more of them are first summer birds and not ready to breed just yet. However Peregrines often stay in the area that they have taken up residence in to breed, so hopefully next year breeding may take place.

Both sites are on secure buildings but the birds can be viewed from the churchyards of surrounding roads. Please respect the churchyards and graves if you visit.

All Saints Church Marlow – Plenty of perching places for Peregrines and plenty of food nearby. There are two Peregrines up there somewhere!
One of the Marlow birds with prey on 31st May
Marlow – 31st May
31st May – Neither of the Marlow birds appears to be ringed.
The female eating an unfortunate Ring-necked Parakeet – 1st June
The male perched higher up the side of the steeple. 1st June

Peregrines in High Wycombe

The High Wycombe birds have been present through the latter part of the winter at least. Neither appears to be ringed. Birds have been reported at both Marlow and High Wycombe within a short time period, so it seems likely that these are separate pairs. The photos below were taken in February 2020 but the birds were still in the area in April and May.

All Saints Church, High Wycombe. One bird can just be seen on the parapet.
Peregrine – female
Peregrine – female
The male

Photos kindly provided by Phil Laybourne, Dave Parmenter and Jim Rose.