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Some birds are not uncommon in other parts of the country or around our coasts, but may be in Buckinghamshire.  If you want to see just how scarce a particular species is then take a look at the Bucks List.

Stone Curlew - Gallows Bridge

With less than 20 records in the county since 1950, the Stone Curlew is on the wish list for many local birders. They have not bred in the county for many years when they were once fairly numerous in some areas.

Local birder Rob Cadd was on site at Gallows Bridge BBOWT reserve at 5:15am and found the bird on the east side of approach field. It foraged amongst the scrapes until about 7am when it was mobbed by a Lapwing and flew to the main meadow. It walked halfway down meadow, then back towards the hides, eventually roosting in rough patch in the meadow. There was occasional activity after that.

Stone Curlew
Confrontation with a Lapwing.
A close encounter!
All photos and Video kindly provided by Robb Cadd

Robb notified the County Recorder and several birders managed to see the bird during the day. It was not present the following morning.

A list of the previous Stone Curlew sightings for Bucks can be found on the Bucks List. (Search for Stone Curlew).