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Some birds are not uncommon in other parts of the country or around our coasts, but may be in Buckinghamshire.  If you want to see just how scarce a particular species is then take a look at the Bucks List.

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Yellow-browed Warbler Invasion!

Late September/Early October saw an unprecedented influx of Yellow-browed Warblers into the county.  Firstly one at Little Marlow GP, then in Central Milton Keynes and finally one put in a brief appearance at Weston Turville Reservoir.

Little Marlow GP

On 27th September 2017 Little Marlow regular Adam Bassett found what is probably the 9th Yellow-browed Warbler for Buckinghamshire and which is also the first record for Little Marlow. The bird was part of the way along the east bank and in thick vegetation between the footpath and the lake.  (In fact Adam thought he had heard a Yellow-browed Warbler call from this location the previous day but the bird was not seen and did not call again). Adam soon put the news out and a number of local birders were on site within a very short time. However the bird was very elusive and was constantly moving around and only calling very infrequently, so the bird went missing for long periods.  Fortunately everyone saw the bird (I think) even if just a glimpse.  Photography was all but impossible with the bird moving around constantly.

The next day Bourne End birder Simon Ramm relocated the bird in the same area about 7:30am.  Again local birders were soon on site and the bird was seen by a good number of people all day.The bird never moving very far from a group of tall Cherry trees.  The Warbler did show somewhat better than the day before and a few people managed to get some record shots.

The Warbler remained until Monday 2nd October at least.

This is the first record of this species at Little Marlow.


Photo copyright Mike Wallen


Yellow-browed Warbler – Showing well for a change!


Above two photos copyright Mick Vogel


It was very acrobatic at times – Photo copyright Jim Rose


Photo copyright Dave Ferguson


Milton Keynes

On 30th September by Mark Hawkes found another Yellow-browed Warbler in Central Milton Keynes.   It was in area area in and around a car park near the food hall and was calling and giving good views at times.  It remained until 1st October at least.


Yellow-browed Warbler in Central Milton Keynes


Above two photos copyright Stuart Mundy



Yellow-browed Warbler – Central Milton Keynes


Above two photos copyright Derek Hales


Weston Turville Reservoir

Dave Parmenter came across yet another Yellow-browed Warbler on Sunday 1st October.  He had already walked right around the lake but went back to the area by the old tin hide (of Bearded Tit fame) to try and refind an oddly calling Chiff Chaff.  However he then heard a Yellow-browed Warbler calling and followed it along as it moved through thick undergrowth towards the stream.  He did get some views of the bird but was unable to photograph.  Despite several birders getting on-site fairly quickly the bird was not refound.


There are six accepted records of Yellow-browed Warbler in Bucks and two pending sightings.  The prior records are:-

1966 Holmer Green – 1 on 9th Oct.
1992 Marlow GP – 1 on 11th Oct.
2003 Water Eaton, M Keynes – 1 in a garden 19th-21st Oct.
2004 Woburn GC – 1 from 4th-14th Apr.  Click here to view photos of this bird
2006 Dinton – 1 on 21st Oct.
2013 Woughton Park, M keynes – 1 on 19th Nov.
2016 Comm0n Wood, Penn – 1 on 17th Oct.
2016 Black Park – 1 on 20th Oct.
The latter two records awaiting acceptance by the rarities committee.

If you have a more photos for the website please forward to Jim Rose