The Next Bucks Bird Club Field Meeting

The next field meeting is to RSPB Poole Harbour and a boat trip Brownsea Island. This takes place place on 25th January 2015.   However please note that booking in advance, with the trip leader, is necessary.

We expect to see a good selection of winter visitors to the harbour and Red Squirrels on Brownsea Island. 

For more information on the this trip see the events page at: Link to field trip

Brownsea Island


Submit Your Bucks Sightings

Although the majority of bird records are submitted by members of the Buckinghamshire Bird Club, we are always pleased to receive records from other birders.  We ask that only records that are reliable are submitted.  Please indicate if there is any doubt over the identification or origin of an unusual species.  For certain scarce species within the county, you may be asked to supply written “field notes” before the record can be accepted as part of the official county records. Forms to use for the submission of scarce and rare species can be downloaded on the Reporting Scarce and Rare Birds page.

The preferred method of record submission is via the “Latest Bucks Sightings” page on this website.

Alternatively records may be submitted in spreadsheet format (Excel or compatible format).

See below for more information on both of these methods…

Submission via Website Click here to read Submit Your Bucks Sightings →

Little Egrets Breeding at Little Marlow GP

Little Egrets have bred in the north of the county for some years, firstly at Linford and then at Willen Lake.  However despite the odd birds being in the area over recent summer there had been no obvious signs that they had tried to breed at what appears to be an ideal site.  However this year at least two nests were built and during the second half of June young birds were seen being fed in the nest. The nest sites were difficult to observe from the banks as they were well hidden well under the canopy of the trees.  However with the youngsters soon being mobile and walking around the branches, they have shown well on occasion.

The following photos very kindly provided by Richard O’Dare and were taken at the end of June.
(Click on the images to enlarge)

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Hopefully there is another brood to follow very soon.


Brownies go Wildlife Exploring with the Bucks Bird Club

Spade Oak Nature Reserve in Little Marlow, "a wonderful place"

Spade Oak Nature Reserve in Little Marlow, “a wonderful place”

Brownies go Wildlife Exploring

On a lovely sunny June evening, 21 members of the 1st Marlow Brownie pack visited the Spade Oak Nature Reserve in Little Marlow as part of their Wild Life Explorer Badge.

The visit, organised by Mike Overall and Jim Rose of the Little Marlow Lakes Country Park Partnership, was led by local Scout leader & birder Neil Wragg, Mike & Rose Collard, Brian Clews of Bucks Bird Club and with the help of several birders from the Bucks Bird Club and the East Berks RSPB Group, who with their enthusiasm, expertise and equipment created a memorable evening.

The nature reserve is nestled between Little Marlow and the River Thames and the whole area is alive with wildlife. Before the Brownies arrived in the nature reserve itself they had already ticked off a dozen types of bird on their sheets! The real highlights of the evening were seeing a nesting swan, a little egret, common terns and their chicks, greylag geese and goslings, mallard duck and 7 ducklings. But most of all the Brownies were amazed at the number and variety of wildlife. They registered almost 40 different types of birds in just 1 hour.

Sue Wood, the Brownies Brown Owl said –“This is a fabulous resource that virtually none of the Brownies had ever visited before and yet it is a wonderful place to introduce children to a truly astonishing variety of birds and other wildlife.  To find it, just head for Little Marlow Church and take the track past it leading down to the river.” See map below.

Mike Overall said – “It was very satisfying to see how much enjoyment the Brownies got from their visit. The Little Marlow Lakes area offers a huge potential for a wide range of recreational pursuits and it is very walkable from both Marlow and Bourne End.”

Aylesbury Peregrine Fledges

The female Peregrine raised by the pair of Peregrines nesting on the Aylesbury Vale Council Offices successfully fledged on 13th June.  The youngster was recently fitted with an orange ring inscribed with black letters “LD”.

The web cams have now been turned off.

Please post any sightings of Peregrines on the sightings website.



Latest Buckinghamshire Bird Atlas now Available at Reduced Price

The Birds of Buckinghamshire – Published October 2012

The book is a 400 page full colour hard cover quality production and contains the data compiled through the efforts of many county birders while recording for the BTO Atlas project. Each species includes maps comparing the last survey carried out in 1980 with the present status plus a photograph taken within the county by a local birder. In addition there are great articles on Bucks bird sites & habitat, migration and charts showing arrival & departure dates as well as others showing changes in species distribution and gains & losses.

This book is an excellent production and a must for anyone interested in any aspect of Buckinghamshire birdlife.


The new Birds of Buckinghamshire is now available at £10 to non-members and free to members (postage and packing extra).

To obtain your copy:

If you live in or near to Bucks – Order directly from John Gearing, at or by telephone to 01296748245.  John is co-ordinating the orders and advising purchasers on collection points around the county.

If you live further afield – Order from John Gearing but allow for £6-00 postage and packing.

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